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11-11-10, 10:46 AM
Hey guys... I am new on the forum.. just picked up a 07 Esc. black with Cash int...loaded..
have a few other cars, a Range and s550 bought this from a buddy who was having some financial issues and wanted to help him out... love the truck..
I wanted to upgrade the nav disk and read on the forum about gm free nav upgrade, and they just got off the phone and were so helpful and navdisk is on its way... EVEN a yr after the free upgrade expired... I couldnt get service like that from my Range... EVER..
cant wait to start mods...
Nice to meet you all

11-11-10, 06:00 PM
hows that s550 treating you?

11-11-10, 06:56 PM
Love the s550.. always have..best car i have EVER owned.. and i have had everything
I have a buyer for it next weeks since its just about out of warranty...and I would NEVER own this car out of warranty...

11-11-10, 06:59 PM
Has anyone done suede headliiner?
i just got black mats today for my black esc with the cashmere int.. and met my interior guy who said he will do my all suede headliner including front pillars, side pillars and rear pillars, sunroof and both visors... for $850...
seems reasonable and I think black suede headliner on that light interior will look awesome.. anyones opinion?
i put second row individual matts also not the "T" thing i see everywhere..