: 2000 deville base seized engine

11-11-10, 02:45 AM
I just bought a 2000 De ville the engine is locked up because the owner before had a oil change I think because the oil filter was very loose and that's where the oil was pushed out before it seized up. What suggestions do you guys have? what block from what year would work? or should I get a new crank and bearings and rods? :hmm:

11-11-10, 03:16 AM
Personally, I would be looking for another motor.
These motors are finicky as it is. You are stating that your motor starved for oil.
Hmmmm. Bearings are probably toast. Upper valve train is probably toasted from oil starvation. Pistons could have scored the cylinder walls. Bearing material floating around in the oil galleys, the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately at present, the motor in the car is a boat anchor......

11-11-10, 11:33 AM
Yeah, that ^^^^

base Deville has the VIN Y 275 hp/3.11 final drive package. Get the identical year/model engine with a guarantee from a reputable yard and replace it. The entire drivetrain - engine, transmission, hubs, axles, struts - everything - comes out the bottom of the car - you lift the car off the drivetrain.

Oil starvation/loss resulting in a seized engine is terminal - boat anchor.

You will NEED a real GM/Helm service manual for this job.

11-11-10, 12:35 PM
Check the sticky "Northstar Swaps - What years are interchangeable and the differences" at the top of the page.

11-11-10, 04:25 PM
That interchange is not correct!

11-11-10, 09:39 PM
I unlocked the thread. Make your corrections.