: 36m/36k mile Extended warranty...?

11-10-10, 10:34 PM
So my 07 STS-4 is about to turn 50K. Talking with my Cadi dealer on the purchase of an extended warranty. They shot me a price of $1915.00 for a 36m/36,000 bumper to bumper warranty with a $50 deductable. I still like the car very much and is in as new condition its just that i have a 58 mile a day commute. Most likely Im going to keep it for another year or so.
Worth the cost?

11-10-10, 10:49 PM
Not really, I got a smaller quote for my 05 with 75k miles and same deductible. Have you looked at GMPP? Theyve been having promotions lately and Ive been bombarded with emails regarding a veterans day discount.

11-10-10, 11:51 PM

Most members agree some form of planning for STS repairs makes sense. CPO, GMM, dealer plans, independent vendors, insurance & self insurance all make sense. These cars can be costly to repair.

Pay attention to details. Avoid plans that list what is covered. Favor plans that specify what isn't covered.

The least expensive way to manage risk is with intellegence. Sadly, it's rare.

11-11-10, 07:40 AM
I wouldn't be caught dead without one. My extended warranty has paid for itself already and I have 25k more miles to go. Best money I ever spent. Just look around these forums and I think you will answer your own question.Need I say more.Good luck.

11-11-10, 09:48 AM
I would tend to agree
This is not a Lexus you are dealing with
I have yet to see anyone not get their money's worth on an extended warranty with a Cadillac
You might self insure as well...either way...don't be caught with your financial pants down
I paid significantly more than you are looking at for a warranty....$3500 with a $250/deductible. According to the Cadillac dealer that sold it to me it mirrors the Certified warranty...excluding coverage for ACC
Thus far..in a year and 17K miles its paid $2200. I have 3yrs or 31K miles to go on it
I am 99.99% sure that I will get my money back and then some on warranty costs by then...or even if I sell I can't imagine that it would not add $1000-1500 to the sales price


11-11-10, 11:58 AM
Yeah, Thats what i thought. Sure would feel better driving with a full warranty. Its about $53 a month and or 5 cents a mile.