: 1978 Ecu problem flooding

11-10-10, 10:33 PM
I have a 78 Seville that I have been working on that quit running. It is flooding over real bad. It seems to be the ECU. If I disconnect the fuse at the Ecu fuel pump it will run somewhat, the coolant temp, air temp, fuel pressure all test good. I have put a noid light on injector wire and it seems to flash dim some times then a bright flash about every ten flashes

11-13-10, 05:13 AM
I suggest posting this in the RWD forum to get more exposure - the engine technical sections are kind of buried in the forum right now (new layout is coming soon, from what I gather, though.)

Welcome to the boards :welcomeJimmyH: I hope you find the answer to your question and stick around. :)

11-14-10, 09:39 PM
Thanks, was not sure where to post, to many forums to look through

Zachary Smith
09-05-14, 11:47 AM
What were the results, specifically for the 2 temperature sensors? This is quite likely the manifold temperature sensor. It doesn't effect much until after the coolant sensor
has detected a warm engine. I am too cheap/ couldn't find
replacements for both sensors. There are many sensors available for "Intake air charge temperature". Do not buy. They are all wrong. They have the newer Negative
temperature coefficient response. The Haynes manual is wrong. The resistance should rise with temperature, not lower. I have installed "guitar pots" temporarily to test.
I can know customize my EFI to fool it into whatever mixture I want. I am sure any potentiometers that you can control between 400 - 4000 ohms would work great.