: Farting Noise / UPDATE ...

11-10-10, 09:24 PM
Decided to go ahead and remove the glove box, and the kick cover underneath it,
to access the cams, that needs some kind of lubrication !
Drenched the cams with Silicone Spray, with no straw in can, Paper toweled the excess, worked it at least 20 times, then let it dry overnight.NOISE GONE !
ALL screws are Phillips, you may need a stubby, I used mostly a longer one,6",
and there are two 7 MM screws holding the front of the kick cover,
used a Metric NUT driver.
I thank ALL who participated in posts about this,There are pics in another post,
about this, and it is correct.
The Glove box light comes out to change the bulb, "WITHOUT" removing the glove box just gently prying the lamp housing down and out.
MY valet switch, says you cannot open the fuel door, with valet activated ?
this must have been a feature, that fell thru the cracks.Wish I had it !
Chose Silicone to not have a petroleum product cause problems in the future !