: Did some searching but still have an exhaust question

11-10-10, 07:29 PM
I have a 2005 V6 and wondering about what i can do to make the exhaust a little louder and deeper without droning, I know it sounds good as is but im looking for a little more. Not really looking to buy a whole system but is there anything cheaper you can do at a muffler shop or something? Like removing the resonators or different mufflers?

On a side note: I read in a thread that the volant cold air intake for the v8 will fit the v6. Any confirmation on this?

Also i know theres not much performance wise but if you know anything besides exhaust and maybe cai let me know. Handling wise I know about the d3 springs but is there any anti sway/strut bars?

11-10-10, 08:28 PM
I know on ebay there selling gibson exhaust for the sts-v for around 350 bucks. Its the same setup, I know someone on here was talking about just swapping the whole exhaust system for the V's setup. I would bring it in they have more knowledge on what sound suites your needs, plus it would be a lot cheaper. The exhaust place here in my town charges like 375 dollars on average for all new custom exhaust (excluding cats.)

Im sure it could fit, the throttle body on the 4.6L is not a huge difference so maybe the plastic intake tube would fit. Not 100% sure. I would just buy the one for the LY7 to be safe.

I've talked to STS turbo's and its like 2000 bucks for the universal system, then you have to have some one tune it accordingly. Also talked to Raptor superchargers last i heard from them was if someone could tune it over here in the states, but never got a price quote. Other than that there is really not performance mods
I know I found a strut tower brace for like $150 on ebay at one time, The seller was called big daddy's caddy.