: Anyone with Pearl White paint notice this? (98U/800J)

11-10-10, 02:34 PM
Hey alll, Anyone notice the weird darker spots in there paint if they look at it from and angle. When I look at it from the back angle you can see darker spots it annoys me. I keep my car always clean and well waxed and garaged. Ive tried the clay bar, makes it nice and smooth but doesnt take away the darker sections, I tried machine buffing them out but that doesnt work, You notice them less if its well cleaned. Maybe pigment fade?

11-10-10, 05:54 PM
Never noticed this on my car.
I have seen inconsistencies among two different vehicles in their White Diamond paint
A sales men told me at the dealer cars that were painted at different factories can vary with this color....for instance if you look at the white diamond Escalades the finish is just a little different than the STS

Another reason why this color can be struggle for a paint and body shop


11-10-10, 08:08 PM
Hmmm I wonder what it is. I'm gonna drop it by the shop and see what they think it is. Yah I have seen this on the Escalades a lot around here. Little lighter shades than other. I have noticed this on my 97' seville sts when its darker out and the light from a parking lot hits it

01-03-11, 09:42 AM
Matt, What was the answer for the dealer. I noticed the same thing on my 08 STS.

06 STS Rob
02-18-11, 12:07 AM
Just from experience with painting and helping my buddy at his paint shop, I can offer you this. Any time a pearl, candy, or metal flake is used in paint, the painter must have experience in these finishes. The dark spots are more than likely an inconcistancy in the spray nozzle, i.e. if the gun was 2" closer, or held in one spot too long. I know most factory jobs are sprayed roboticly but there could still be inconcistancies... These finishes are very tricky, that's why they cost so much more. Buffing won't do anything but thin your clear coat.... Hope this helps.