: Halloween's Comin'......

DopeStar 156
09-19-04, 12:35 AM
It is! I love this holiday, what's everyone doing for Halloween and what are you gonna wear? I'm gonna go as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and catch a party.

09-19-04, 03:49 AM
Yay, I like christmas better :p Still cool, I'm dressing up as the guy who gives out candy at the front door. Last year I helped my friend put up his decorations. It was like the first time in 10 years he had been in his house that only one person came. Of course it was freakin cold that night.

09-19-04, 05:42 AM
ha im off that night so i will be at a party drunk off my ass. :drinker :drinker :thumbsup: last year i was stuck at work. do you know how much hell is raised at a hospital on Halloween?

09-19-04, 08:32 AM
I was considering dressing up as a generic Ketchup bottle.

09-19-04, 10:33 AM
im dressing up as evil kenevil and rideing my bike around the neiborhood (the one in my avatar) , ill also build a ramp and jump my desk fountain ala ceasars palace

09-19-04, 11:10 AM
Nice get up guys ...... some of the better (or at least funny) costumes I have seen the last couple years:

Old clothes - various breakfast cereal boxes attached to person that have been stabbed with plastic knife - "a serial Killer"

Bunch of rubber chickens attached to person wearing black t-shirt - "a chick magnet"

Hair greased back (ala wind blown look) - tie with coat hanger or wire inside keeping it "floating" over shoulder - “man falling off cliff"

White leisure suit - black hockey tape striping it, white paste on face with huge black around the eyes, - "Beatle Juice"

Leisure suite - cowboy hat - blacken teeth - cowboy boots - my wife went as this a few years ago - "Billy Bob Joe Bob Bob" - was asking kids at the door if they wanted some itchy-ban-noodles or a potato instead of candy - most of them just froze and had no idea how to respond :histeric:

All very inexpensive and game me a laugh ... (leisure suits at local value village or Salvation Army clothing store)

DopeStar 156
09-19-04, 01:15 PM
Have you guys seen the deviled egg costume?