: HID conversion

11-09-10, 08:12 PM
Has anyone put a HID conversion in there non HID head lamps? Im just wondering how that would turn out. I wouldnt mind upgrading them to the adaptive HID that the Premium package has but they are a bit pricey.

11-11-10, 09:15 AM
I'm looking into this also. I would like to get the hid wiring harness and use a kit to finish off the system. I don't know how much the harness is though.
I know that VVME has kits, then you will need the relay kit for the DRL's lower voltage. I have done these kits on other cars and they work great. If you get the GM harness DRL's work on the highs(different bulbs) and the high/lows are one bulb. On a side note, Valeo is the oem manufacture of the balasts.
If you go to your Dodge dealer the same balast is about $120 vs about $240 at the Cadillac dealership.

12-03-10, 11:52 PM
Where do you get the relay kit for the lower wattage DRL's?

12-05-10, 05:30 PM
Most of the after market HID kits will offer the relay kit. It is very simple to hookup. I have had very good luck with the VVME company. I will be ordering the kit after the new year 55wt/4300k with the relay kit. Well, I just tried to look for the VVME site and it didn't come up. I beleive the bulbs are the H11/H7's. DDM is another site I use.