: 03 with interal Clouding of Headlights across the Top.

Gale Hawkins
11-08-10, 10:58 PM
We did the kit to make headlights again with no improvements. It seemed the opaqueness was on the inside all along but we tried.

Wish we had a 02 now.:helpless:

The HID low beam system from 2003 really jacks the price for replacements. Any thoughts before spending $600+? One upside would be new ballasts and all bulbs. Do the ballasts and HID bulbs last forever or will 10 years catch their life expectancy?

11-09-10, 07:51 AM
You can easily fix the clouding of the headlights. It's been discussed many times.






Gale Hawkins
11-09-10, 11:57 AM
Thanks. Last week I could not see where to disconnect the right side Ballast but I will try again with the bit about the right ballast in my head. :)