: Hows this radar detector?

09-18-04, 06:41 PM
I know it's already ended but I see them on ebay a lot. Are they nice? Do you think it would be a reliable one to have or should I get something else? If so what should I get?

09-19-04, 09:07 AM
Never had a Whistler. I have had Escorts, Passports, Bel and Cobra detectors, I now have (4) V1 radar dectectors, after owning one for a while I had to get them for each car.


09-19-04, 03:42 PM
Save your money, an Escort or Valentine are the only ones worth buying. Valentine is top-shelf, that's what I have.

09-19-04, 04:11 PM
I agree with these guys....don't waste your money on cheap detectors. Escort and Valentine are well known to be the best two detectors on the market. I bought my Passport Escort 8500 X50 at Best Buy for around $300. It seems like a pricey unit but if you consider the money it saves you on speeding tickets and insurance premiums its well worth the money.

There's always going to be debate about the Valentine V1 and the Passport Escort 8500 X50 and which is the better. I think they're both sound investments and you couldn't go wrong with either. You'll get what you pay for in a radar detector.

12-28-04, 05:33 PM
I have both the V1 and the 8500 X50 and I can not tell the difference in performance. Since I like the form factor better on the 8500 I use that one in the CTS-V and the V1 in my SRX.

12-28-04, 06:37 PM
radar dectors are useless kids .....plain and simple ....

Police use "Instant on" systems , the gun is off at all times till the cop sees something he wants to look at then he flips it on and nails you. If your detector goes off before encountering a squad car, he has left it on as a singal to anyone with a dector that he is around and for you to slow down. Not unlike some deaprtments parking a empty squad car in the median of a highway , its a visual deterent to speeding....

Your only hope is to use a car 1/4 mile infront of you as a "rabbit" and thats only if this car looks like something a cop might be interested in.

Night Wolf
12-28-04, 07:37 PM
when buying radar dectectors, the more you spend is directly related to how good it is....

anything under $150 is junk

I have an Escort Passport 8500 X50... one of the best on the market... it works wonders...

the "instant on" is POP and Laser.. my Passport works with both of those....

but all the cops around here are on the Ka band, and a few on the K... X is usually security systems... POP goes off sometimes, but never a cop around, and I never had Laser go off.....

Although once, POP did save me.. if yu are the only car ont he road, and a cop is using POP or Laser.. then your screwed... but if a cop is using POP on cars in front of you, then your detector will go off each time he shoots....

mine has saved me plenty of times... I don't drive any of my cars without it either....

if you want a cheap alternative.. check out a used Passport 7500... no POP or Laser, and not as good range on the Ka and K bands... but my friend has one, and they are good...

the V1 I heard is good... but all the reviews show the 8500 X50 better then the V1....

12-28-04, 07:55 PM
I have a BEL 980. It's a few years old now but works great. It has saved me countless times. It's paid for itself over and over.

No radar detector is impervious to the "instant on", but if you pay attention you can tell when traffic ahead of you has been zapped. If you're the lead guy, however, you'll get nailed. Case in point - me, last month, Rt. 80, Pennsylvania. 80 in a 65, BEL 980 mounted and turned on. State trooper took aim and shot me when I was about 100 feet from him. Cost me $105. I'm adding it to the cost of restoring this Deville since I was on a parts run. I just thank my lucky stars that they didn't get curious about what was in the back of the van I was driving - I had tons of Caddy parts whose origin would be difficult to explain.


12-28-04, 08:42 PM
I just stick to 5-10 over and call it good... I'm planning to test the top speed when I get my ETC but I'll just send a scout car ahead a couple miles to make sure no one's on the road.

12-29-04, 01:12 AM
I just stick to 5-10 over and call it good... I'm planning to test the top speed when I get my ETC but I'll just send a scout car ahead a couple miles to make sure no one's on the road.

Ive never had a problem with exactly this approach and eagle eyeing out the road ahead on long interstate stretches, I almost ALWAYS see them. Anytime I HAVE had a radar detector, I got lazy and had some close calls.

12-29-04, 02:57 AM
I went cordless and bought the Escort Solo S2. It has the same performance as the 8500 X50, but runs on batteries. I chose this, because the only accessory outlet in the front of my car is down on the right side of the console in the passanger footwell. It would not have been easy to run the cord the 4 ft the the socket is from the windshield. I've been thinking about getting their hardwired smartcord to run behind the dash. That way, I don't have to use the batteries all of the time, but when I use it in another car, I can just grab it and go without finding a place to plug in the cord.

Night Wolf
12-29-04, 02:58 AM
the cost of the speeding ticket isn't the problem...

insurance will go up...

I had 2 speeding tickets... both got dropped to faulty speedometers... people ask if I learned my lesson, I say yes... I then bought one of the best radar detectors on the market and don't drive any of my cars without it...

12-29-04, 01:40 PM
Uhh, radar detectors cant always save you, not everyone uses radar! :helpless:

12-29-04, 07:34 PM
VASCAR and aircraft are pretty easy to spot, horizontal white lines painted across the road.

Night Wolf
12-29-04, 07:48 PM
lol, noone around here uses aircraft for any sort of speed enforcement... even if they did, the cost would be wayyyy too high for any benifits

"not everyone uses radar"

That is why my radar detector also has POP and Laser

around here, cops only use radar... the Ka band...

12-30-04, 05:37 AM
It depends on the type of driving you do. I used mine for my 20-mile commute every day. Same rural roads and some highway every day. You get used to where the false alarms are, then you know for sure when there's really a cop. Most are lazy and just park, flip on the radar and eat their donuts (or do paperwork, whatever). You can pick them up a mile away.

When I'm out of my element I still use the detector but I'm more alert to what it's telling me. You can't just put it up and forget about it - you have to learn how to use it. When I got the ticket last month I was just being stupid. 80 in a 65 in NJ is perfectly acceptable (don't go 81, though). In PA, however, it evidently is not. I had seen a few other cops out but figured how many can there be? All it took was one more. Had I been paying attention I'd have noticed everyone braking as they passed the row of bushes up ahead. He didn't shoot until he saw someone he thought was speeding (me) so the detector didn't light up until he pulled the trigger.

The cop wrote me for failure to observe a traffic control device instead of the speeding, which was a lot less expensive. He claims he cut me a break but I'm not so sure. He said there's no points so it won't transfer. My lawyer, however, says it will translate to 2 points in NJ as all moving violations do. I'm not sure if it will or not - time will tell. I ususally fight all my tickets (otherwise I'd have a suspended license) so these will be my first points in a couple of years. I wasn't going to drive all the way to Belfonte PA to fight a $100 ticket. Usually I get my stuff knocked down to non-moving violations or thrown out completely. The trick is to not get nailed too many times in the same jurisdiction. You don't want the judge to recognize you as a repeat offender when you come to court.

Of course the easiest thing to do is to not speed, but what fun is that?