: Coolant Leak

11-08-10, 09:44 AM
My "check coolant level" message has come on a couple times since I bought the car a year ago. Always worried me a bit, but yesterday I think I found the problem.


That's right where I think the thermostat housing bolts into the block. While it was running I think I even saw a few tiny drops of moisture come out too.

Does anyone know, is this a pre-made gasket between the two, or is sealant used? I think I've seen the latter on previous cars, but haven't had to mess with changing a thermostat for quite awhile so things may have changed (RTV seems too "unrefined" for this car, lol).

I have no temperature problems. I think I'll leave the current thermostat in (it ain't broke), is that recommended?


11-10-10, 09:19 PM
I did timing chain replacement on my car 2 weeks back and yes its in the back of the engine. Yes it is a pre-made gasket. I would recommend changing the thermostat since its fairly cheap. Remove the upper and lower intake manifolds together as one peice so you don't disturb the upper and lower intake bonding gasket. Good Luck

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