: The horror!

11-08-10, 07:26 AM

My girlfriend woke me up at 6:30 this morning yelling "OH MY GOD! YOUR CAR! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT HERE!"

yeah, that got me out of bed in a hurry. So I got up and looked out the window, my 95 was fine...then I looked out the back window and...There was a FENCE ontop of my 1987 Cadillac! WHAT THE HELL!?!

Apparently there was a big storm last night, things were all tossed around. My grill on the front porch was flipped over, the neighbor's fence fell ontop of my car! Sucks...so anyways I get out there and lift the fence off while my girlfriend moves the car...the fence fell down ontop of the front driver's side of the car...right ontop of the side mirror...didn't damage anything, just some scuffs and scratches and paint chips (very small minor ones.) not a single dent or ding...

Guess it wasn't so bad, but as my girlfriend said, if that had been her 1999 Mercury Cougar that it fell on the car would be toast! long live the unkillable cadillacs!

11-08-10, 12:24 PM
It could have been worse from what I see , nice to hear your car is alright despite fence incident

11-08-10, 12:26 PM
Shit, that would be enough to get me out of bed too - dressed or not. :lol:

Glad it wasn't as bad as it sounded.

11-08-10, 06:57 PM
Glad to hear there wasn't any real damage. Time for a rattle can paint touch-up!

11-08-10, 07:59 PM
luckilly I still have like a gallon of paint left from when I painted it a few years ago :)

11-09-10, 01:10 AM
Not the best way to start the morning. Glad the car's OK though.

11-09-10, 10:45 AM
I had a morning like that, my oldest son woke me at 5am saying my trunk on the car (my Buick) was open. and when we went out the drivers window was shattered, someone took at a PRYBAR to like they were trying to pry the glass out and bent the crap out of the door. Then they hit the power trunk button. But took nothing. Even my laptop bag was untouched (laptop inside though).

Glad not as bad as I had it. $1600 worth of damage....

11-09-10, 12:47 PM
Wow, that is horrifying, I agree with Sting, would have def got me out of bed, lol

11-09-10, 01:39 PM
Yeah. The fence is still in my parking spot in my driveway so I had to leave my cars on the street! Our winter parking ban started November 1st so I woke up this morning to a warning on my windshields about the parking ban.

We have been unable to contact the lady who owns the house or the current tenants! Knocked on the door many times and no reply. All numbers listed for the home owner have been disconnected. My girlfriend wrote a letter and put it on the door to the house so we'll see if that results in anything. I guess I'm ganna have to just toss the fence back onto their property for now so I can park my cars! lol. I'm not even looking to get money out of them for the damages, I just want my parking spaces back!

11-09-10, 01:54 PM
That's what I'd do, just push the fence on over to their side and be done with it.

11-09-10, 03:51 PM
that sucks!
you should be able to file a claim with who ever owns the fence, there home owners will cover that
we had the wind here too!
lost the cover off the parts car
NORAD was tracking it on radar for a while! lol
one of my neighbors chased it down and returned it to my driveway
with a couple logs ontop to keep it there~~~~~~~~~~

11-09-10, 05:27 PM
One more reason why I don't believe in sleeping. From experience with Girlfriend-related criteria though, my girlfriend would probably be pounding on the door of the neighbour to yell at them for having a fence on my car.

11-09-10, 06:21 PM
What a terrible moment! Iīm glad that just minor damage was caused. At least it has proven the carīs endurance.

Push that fence on over to their side. It would be good to have some photos of the disaster before you took the car from underneath the fence. Maybe you can claim a compensation for the car damage. At least, take some pics before repairing them and before pushing the fence from your space. You never know.

11-09-10, 07:01 PM
yeah we got pictures of it. my girlfriend was very mad about it but I don't see it as anyone's fault. The fence was knocked down by a storm.

I pushed it back over to their side today and man it was heavy! haha

77-79 Cadillac
11-15-10, 12:47 PM
My wife woke me up at 5:30 one morning to my horn was going off? By the time I got dressed the horn had melted in half! No real damage just no horn again. it was an after market horn I just put in. it was strange that it stuck and melted.

11-15-10, 09:31 PM
My wife woke me up at 5:30 one morning to my horn was going off? By the time I got dressed the horn had melted in half! No real damage just no horn again. it was an after market horn I just put in. it was strange that it stuck and melted.

For some reason I have a phobia of my horn randomly getting stuck while I'm driving.. At least I'm using the stock ones..