: Crazy flashing service lights

11-07-10, 06:19 AM
05 ESV
After hours of serching trying to avoid a double post I found nothing to match my question so here it is. I drove this morning (Cold temp) if that matters, and my service airbag light flashes on then off for only a split second. It was happening ever few minutes and not sequential just speratic. When it flashed I noticed the dash lights would dim at the same time the red service light would come on. There was a warning light that came on as well but it was too fast to see what warning it was ( i think it has to be a service light but not sure). I am also getting a service tire monitor but when I shut off the care and restart it works fine. THis happens every once in a while, not every time I'm in the car. I'm hoping its just a connection problem but I would really appreciate any help.

11-07-10, 08:45 PM
Not sure if this will help or if you've had this fixed but I had a service airbag problem with my truck. It was actually the sensor under the seat. It would only come on if my seat was in a certain position. I had the service light replaced by the local Cadillac dealer an got taken for $340.
Hope this helps