: Rant about dealership

11-06-10, 08:31 PM
I took my car (2005 STS) to a very well known, prestige dealership for some warranty work. I made an appointment and upon my arrival I was greeted by my service advisor. Just to give you some back ground, my car is a CPO through GM, with what I'm told to have the best luxury warranty you can have. So I start telling my service advisor about my issues. On most of them he shoots me down before I can finish, telling me "nope, warranty will not cover that". I had a list of about 7 items I wanted to be corrected and they looked at 2 for me. All they ended up doing was lubing a rear bushing. I drove 3 hours to get to this dealership and that is what I got. They gave me a loaner and when I called the following day to check on my car about 2p.m. they still had not even looked at it. I then explained that I was military and I had drove 3 hours and then the ass kissing started, but I feel I should not have to disclose this information to get good customer service. So I ended up getting my car by 6 that night with a lubed bushing and no other problems addressed. I recently took my car to the local dealer and I avoided them in the first place because they charged me a transmission flush and never performed it...all they did was order the pan. So I was leery to take my car back here. So i bring it to the local dealer and I give them the same list of problems and they corrected everything...FOR FREE! I even brought up some stuff I just knew they would not replace and it is all covered under my warranty. I am thankful that I tried one more time because my warranty is up at the end of this month. So I keep going through my car looking for anything to ensure itís as close to 100% as possible. I just donít understand why the service advisor was being such a d!ck and wouldn't even look to see if the issue would be covered under warranty? Just wanted to vent a little bit...anyone have similar issues?

11-06-10, 09:53 PM
Should have gone to the Service Manager and if not satisfied then to his boss.

11-06-10, 11:27 PM
Sorry to hear of your troubles. I've had nothing but the best treatment. Crest Cadillac in Brookfield WI is simply outstanding; not a term I use lightly.

11-08-10, 07:38 PM
I have had issues with my dealer as well.....though I will say its a beautiful dealership. It shares the building with the Mercedes franchise. While Cadillac side is not as nice..it does share most of the interior amenities and all of the exterior facade amenities of the Mercedes portion of the dealer ship

As for the best luxury warranty out there...not sure I would say that
Seems to me that would mean they would cover all the maintenance items...as some other brands do...during the warranty period to make on par with the best there is