: Anybody changed seat belts on a 70's Coupe?

11-06-10, 05:59 AM
So I have got the suspension and brakes sorted on my Calais :thumbsup:

next on me list is to replace the perfect condition (original) seatbelts already fitted to my car with some which meet Australian Design Rule 4... :confused:

eh...WTF it's only around $700.. :banghead:

anyhow....to my point of query...

anyone successfully removed these trims on the roof in order to gain access to the bolts holding the top belt mount?


yeh, looks easy but considering their age (40 years) they may be rather brittle and I just thought I'd ask....I don't think they would be easy to find over here...


Alby M.

Neil Clarke
11-08-10, 07:29 AM
Don't that suck
Just so you can have self ejecting buckles

I've got the same "issue" with mine
But I had a favourable engineer that signed off on mine and if all goes well rego will follow 19th of this month

Now... I had a guy in USA recently and he got me some dseatbeslts incase I needed them
The ship arrived today... so not yet unpacked
However there may be some belts that will suit and comply
I've yet to see them... but he knew mine came from the roof like yours

I'll find out for you what they are... what they look like... and how much they are if you like

Do you need self ejecting buckles on a 70?
Or is your build date really 69 and you can get around it ?
I thought those came in later... cause early LC Toranas didn't have fancy modern buckles ... they had similar ones to the Cad.. .they just need a PRESS "instruction" on them
Looking at the ADR4
I would get written clarification of what ADR4 means if I was you

Seat belts for all front seating positions complying with at least ADR 4.
Lap/sash seat belts for outboard positions and lap seat belts for the inboard position. All seat belts
to have non-partial engagement type buckles.
Vehicle must comply with General Conditions.
Code LH3

11-09-10, 10:45 PM
ADR4...all 120 pages of it seems to deal more with testing procedures than specification that I can get my head round.

Willshire Trimmers (http://www.willshire.com.au/)

who are very highly regarded in matters of this nature will be having the car next week.

Neil Clarke
11-10-10, 07:12 AM
They don't exactly lay it out so you know what to comply with
Thats half the trouble
Rego says it has to comply... but no-one knows whats required to actually make it comply

Mines going for test Friday next week... hoping for the best