: Brake Pads and Rotors

11-05-10, 01:28 PM

I was wondering if you could price me on a set of front brake pads and rotors. I was looking at Rock Auto and the amount of options is confusing. Whatever came standard on the STS in 2000 is what I want. Not looking to spend over $175 for the front. Thanks.

Here's the VIN: 1G6KY5498YU246048

11-05-10, 06:02 PM
sounds like you won't want the OEM option then... basically ACDelco has a cheaper brand than their OEM brand for brakes, suspension, and chassis parts called Durastop

the Durastop ceramic pads are #19241347 at $54 (with the forum discount)
the pad kit comes with the hardware (spring clips) and new wear sensors

the Durastop rotors are #19175050 at $62 each
they also have a cheaper version (i'm not sure exactly why they cost less) but they are #19241868 at $37 each

if it was my car i would just go with the cheaper ones

shipping will cost around $30 (give or take depending on how far away you are) since rotors and pads are pretty heavy

let me know if you have any questions,

edit: also i was going to PM you to make sure you saw this reply but your inbox is full... don't forget to clear out your sent msgs too... they add up just the same as the received (non supporting members only get 10 total between inbox and sent)

11-06-10, 01:50 AM
thanks for the quick reply! I'll let you know when I need to order the parts.


11-06-10, 09:21 AM
no problem... don't hesitate to call if you need top get in touch even quicker!