: Just drove an STS v8

09-18-04, 01:25 AM
I own a V8 SRX. While I love its' performance and styling, I am sadly disappointed in many aspects. I drove the STS today to see what was different and find out if they made any improvements.

The fit and assembly quality was great.. its' terrible on the SRX (front end)

The seats were better than the SRX

The STS has power tilt and telescoping steering wheel (SRX has manual tilt only just like my old 82 Cutlass)

Gas filler still on the wrong side (you know its' wrong when they have to put a right arrow on the gauge to remind you that the filler is on the wrong side)

Garage door opener looks less like an afterthought (still cheesy compared to DTS)

This car also dropped the outside mirror turning signal LEDs

Remote entry and start is great

Electric trunk latch is an improvement

Styling looks too much like a CTS

They ran the plastic up higher on the door posts which will prevent premature cloth pilling and fuzzing

Still has the mickey the mope cruise control on the dip stick instead of the steering wheel

Good cruise control news is that the STS has a smooth CC like the DTS. The SRX CC should be renamed Lurch because it over reacts

Insturmentation is great

Larger numbers on transmission gear indicator

Has more real Cadillac features such as rainsense

This one didn't have HUD. But any car with HUD is a real drivers car

This one also didn't have adaptive CC but I am sure it is wonderful.

With the ever escalating price of fuel you would think there is an ever increasing need for a locking gas cap. Interesting that this car did't have one either.

I need at least one almost SUV in the family so will stick with the SRX even though it is very disappointing for a "Cadillac"

When we bought the 2003 Deville DTS we test drove a CTS. My wife's comment was that it reminded her of a Toyota she once had. As I said before, the STS looks too much like a CTS but it sure feels much more like what I consider to be a Cadillac when you are in it.

An interesting note that I couldn't check out concerns the outside mirrors. European SRXes have power folding outside mirrors. I think it is sad that some ditz decided we wouldn't want that in the US. Don't know what the story is on the STS.

Bottom line is that I like it. And always remember, any Cadillac with the 5 speed and Northstar is a good performing fun car.

I am a bit concerned that it has obviously been mandated that Cadillac engineering is supposed to ignore the existing product line and focus on making products that will sell in Europe. I am concerned that they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater so they can sell hundreds of cars to the few Europeans who would buy any car from the US.

09-18-04, 08:05 AM
I felt STS with all-wheel drive really excelled in the corners. And that's not just my programmer talking.

09-18-04, 08:30 AM
It appears that GM has made certain that these STS's are coming out of Lasing in " perfect" condition. Normally, I would never buy a first year model. However , knowing how much effort, skills, money the largest auto maker on earth has pumped into making certain that Cadillacs are world class again alows me to put aside new model fears.

While my SRX has a few build issues ( hoodline misalignment and ultraview creaking) it is a wonderful car. I have not made up my mind just yet but the AWD STS is a world beater and I may just be willing to trade my CTS for it.

What Cadillac has done with the new lineup is STUN the automotive world. BMW, M-B and Lexus will have a bad year in 2005 as it will see sales decrease. Go get 'em Cadillac !!

09-18-04, 10:03 AM
That is probably not just a hood mis-alignment. It is probably a fender mis alignment that is caused by a frame misalignmnt. Check the gaps between the front doors and fenders.