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11-04-10, 03:40 PM
Has anyone installed E3 DiamondFIRE spark plugs in the N* engine? I have friend rave about the increase in performance and better fuel economy, yet on this forum there are those who firmly and loudly proclaim only ACDelco Professional Double Platinum OEM plugs #41-950 are the plugs that should be used. :hmm:

Any comments?


11-04-10, 04:29 PM
Call me a skeptic, but there are just So Many products like this (and NO shortage of zealots who swear they work.... ;)), and both economy and performance are Such an important criteria for all manufacturers, that anytime I see these things I tend to dismiss them all!

I mean, come on, magnets, turbolatuors, magic "elixirs" of ALL kinds to pour into every openings your car possesses :)

It's all Bull$hit or the OEM guys would have Gladly (and Cheaply) adopted anything that actually works and take credit for the gains.....

I'll put AC Spark Plugs in mine when the time comes ;)

11-04-10, 09:43 PM
The forum holds many posts about spark plugs. Most conclude, "Then, I put in OEM and it's running fine."

Brandon Meats
06-12-12, 09:51 PM
I used to think that all these gimmicks were true as well. After I first started driving I was putting accel and msd ignition parts in my vehicles. I thought inside my head "this is better" so I bull$hitted myself into wasting money cause it made no difference. The yellow wires looked cool, but who sees them anyways. OEM knows what works best in your vehicle because they've tested it again and again. They want you to have something that works because they don't want you complaining about their product to other people, or to have a service bulletin issued to change all spark plugs from one kind to another because of driveability issues. Things like that cost manufacturers money, and believe me, they don't want to spend it. I looked into the E3 plugs myself with the same aspirations of fuel economy and power. Guess what I have now? ACDelco double platinums. Runs just great. I try and do my research myself by sourcing independent testers. Of course you look at the E3 website and everyone says they're great. Of course they are, it on the E3 website. If you dig a little deeper you'll find other websites, not owned by a company that provides a product, but people who test these fads. The only website I saw that had good things to say about E3 was the E3 site. Every other one stated that their vehicle had misfire issues, SES lights and what not. Everyone's result, go back to OEM plugs and everything was fine. There's a lot of suckers out there, don't let yourself become one...

06-12-12, 10:24 PM
After owning 2 other FWD N* Cadillacs I have learned that N*'s will quickly puke up anything but an AC Delco spark plug....I am sure the RWD version is the same way...