: Question for People with 22"s

11-03-10, 03:35 PM
I tried searching the posts for an answer first but the search feature didn't seem to be working correctly and came up blank so I thought I'd post this question, sorry if this is a repost...either way...

I'm thinking of getting rid of my CTS in the very near future and getting an '06 or '07 STS and I would like to know what size 22" rims people are most commonly rolling on? Are you running a 22x7, 22x8, 22x8.5, 22x9 or 22x10.5(this is the widest I have ever heard of on the rear of an STS). Also, what brand of rim and tire size would be helpful too for anyone that chooses to respond to this post.

For anyone that's "anti"-big rims, there's no need to respond about degradation of ride quality or taking away from a nice car...I already have 20"s on the CTS and 24"s on my Escalade EXT and I'm aware and okay with plus size tire ride quality. For anyone else that responds with helpful information - Thank you!

11-03-10, 03:59 PM
I have 20s, 20x8.5 and 20x10..in my opinion the wider the better. Also gives you more grip and looks better.

11-03-10, 04:15 PM
I agree about the wideness...I'm just wondering about 22"s since they're a bit bigger and might have fitment issues that require a little cutting. So let's go ahead and add that to my first question "for people that went with 22"s....what did you have to cut/modify to make them fit????"....

11-03-10, 07:27 PM
Wider isn't better on snow. But in CA, you shouldn't care.

11-03-10, 08:39 PM
Each to there own........ it's cool......... I'm just wondering does a customizing shop who sells these have any info? I moved up tire sizes on a Corvette and the custom tire shop had a book and some computer program gave all kind of information. I mean they are there to sell you their products and they should be able to help.

11-03-10, 10:24 PM
I do like the look. There was some guy who was working on 24's. I don't recall his solution.

Some have gone wider than I thought would work with little or no mods. It might take some work on the offset but low & wide makes a statement.