: 4100 Valve train not oiling

11-03-10, 02:24 PM
I have 84 Eldo 54,000 miles, developed internal knock,:annoyed: sounded like pushrod out of holder, Upon removing valve covers, its evident one complete side of the upper valve train has had no oil in a while.The noise I believe was a dry lifter. The other side is oiling as should be. I can't find any info on how the oil is guided up to the individual sides (oil galleys) . I realize something has got to be stopped up, but don't really know where to start looking. My 84 GM manual does not show the oil distribution paths.. The pushrods are all clear and not bent. Any thought or ideas would be appreciated.

the recluse
11-09-10, 09:14 PM
Change oil filter.

11-10-10, 02:13 AM
I had a 4100 in an 83 Eldo that had a light throttle knock that sounded just like a rod going. It turned out to be the EGR. But if you don't have oil pressure you will have a lot of stuff knocking soon. Perhaps you should measure the oil pressure, tap in at the sender with an oil pressure gauge. Changing the oil filter as the recluse suggests is a good start and easy but if that dosn't work check the oil pressure.