: Door Lock issue

11-03-10, 10:41 AM
So had a pretty big issue with the SRX this morning.. My wife was dropping our daughter off at day care this morning.. When she arrived she shut the car off and got out of the drivers door, she shut the door and watched all the locks on the doors lock.. Now car is off, its real cold here in detroit and my daughter is stuck in the back seat.. My wife's purse, and phone are in the car and the key fob is in the center consul.. There was no reason the car should have locked itself. Luckly my wife was in a good are and was able to use the phone at daycare to call onstar and have the car unlocked, but im real pissed at why this happened.. All cadillac customer service could tell us is to bring the SRX into the shop and have them test the locking system...

My question is has this happened to anyone or has anyone heard of anything like this...

11-03-10, 10:49 AM
What trim level of the SRX do you own? Performance, Premium, etc.

11-03-10, 10:58 AM
What trim level of the SRX do you own? Performance, Premium, etc.

2010 Blue SRX luxury 2 wheel drive no turbo..

11-03-10, 12:43 PM
This has never happened to me. However, I'm always afraid it might, because I have the Premium edition with passive locking. When I'm home the car is in the garage with the remote inside. If this happens then, I can just use the spare remote to unlock the doors. When I'm away from home the only time I close the doors with the remote inside is when I'm pumping gas. Then, I always leave one window partially down just in case this happens.

I can understand your concern with your daughter being in the car, but I wouldn't worry too much over getting this repaired. Sounds like a simple software reprogramming of the control module.


11-03-10, 04:48 PM
Check your manual to see if you have this section on page 1-11. I have the Premium model so our manual may be different. Also, in the text below, the "Q" is a lock symbol in the documentation.

Lockout Deterrent
Lockout deterrent decreases the
chances that the keys may be
accidentally locked in the vehicle.
When door locking is requested by
pressing Q on the instrument panel
or Q on the keyless access
transmitter and the driver door is
open, all doors will lock and the
driver door will immediately unlock.
The driver door must be closed
when Q is pressed for all doors to
remain locked.
This feature can be programmed to
provide the lockout deterrent feature
only when the ignition mode is ACC/
See “Power Door Locks” in Vehicle
Personalization on page 4‑41.