: Free image hosting service

Lord Cadillac
11-02-10, 08:22 PM

Check it out. It's very simply but impressive...

11-02-10, 08:24 PM

11-02-10, 08:34 PM
I never understood how sites like that make the money to exist? Like Imageshack for instance... how does that work? Ads can't POSSIBLY pay for all of that space they require?

11-02-10, 08:36 PM
pretty cool...
i still like the imageshack uploader tool though it's really easy to just right click on a picture and upload it ... and they pre-format a lot of different types of code around the image link for you too... but i usually just go for the direct link...

this is good for being short url though - although i'll admit that i rarely use my twitter account

11-03-10, 01:24 PM
Thanks, nice find :)