: 97 Deville, Oil puddle on top of intake manifold, HELP!!!

11-02-10, 12:25 PM
After driving the car long distance or with my foot in it quite a bit, smoke would develop under the hood and the smell of oil burning was observed. Upon inspection, I noticed what appeared to be motor oil on top of the intake manifold which was observed while standing on the passenger side of the car, looking down in a gap between the engine cover and front of the motor. The puddle is substantial and the car was about a quart low on oil. The oil was just changed less than 1k miles ago. The car has 54k miles and had no major problems or repairs that I know of. The oil is making its way to the ground under the car, but I dont know if its from it sloshing out or the location of the leak. Please help me out on this, I just bought the car last week!!

11-02-10, 03:38 PM
If it's leaking out under the car, that's quite a substantial leak. Are you sure it's motor oil and not P/S fluid from the pump. It's located close to the front of the manifold and could possible leak in there. If that's not it, I'd pull the manifold and have a look under there.