View Full Version : Limited Edition Slim HID Xenon Kit - $39.95

11-02-10, 11:38 AM
Hey guys!
We have been given the opportunity to almost exclusively offer this limited production mid-size slim ballast HID kit. We have only limited quantities of these so I will post up once we get below 100 kits available.

These ballasts include an internal igniter vs. our slim ones which have an inline igniter on the wiring. These ballasts should offer a great compact installation with clean wiring. They are available in 35w only and as always carries our lifetime warranty covering both bulbs and ballasts.

Cadillac vehicles are a great candidate for any HID upgrade. We DO NOT typically see any additional harnesses required.

Order here ---> HID Xenon conversion lighting kits (http://store.sharphid.com/Default.asp)


Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

As you may notice we are in need of more photos of your great Cadillac cars for our website and promotions. Please contact us (http://store.sharphid.com/category_s/18.htm) via email to submit these as we'd love to have your vehicle on display.

John Sharp