: Body Integrity

11-02-10, 09:22 AM
For those who have accumulated higher mileage on their STS, preferably over 160,000 km(100,000 miles). How has the body integrity held up? Still solid or are there all sorts of creeks, squeeks and groans when driving on less than a perfectly smooth road?

11-02-10, 08:36 PM
Mine has over 100,000 and as far as noise goes mine does not "creek" when on an unsmooth road and as long as you keep the maintenance on it it shouldn't. And as far as cosmetic stuff the only place where mine has shown age is on the front bumper where the paint has a little chip right in the corner of the Headlight area and then little chips on the front bumper. Other than that it drives and looks like a brand new car and people tell me it looks like a brand new car.

11-02-10, 09:42 PM
Not as many miles as you ask but normal wear is normal wear. Windsheilds pick up pits and front bumpers take a lot of abuse. Black shows every scrape. Chassis/suspension/steering? 63,000 & still tight.