View Full Version : need new tail light!

11-01-10, 11:12 PM
I've got a crack in the driver side tail light. Does anyone know the best place I can find a new or slightly used tail light for my 08 EXT? I'd even go for a new set if the price is right. Is it possible to just change the bezel and not the whole assembly?

11-03-10, 11:42 PM
I'm thinking of going ahead with of set of LEDs.....ANZO USA (311082). Anyone out there install a set of these or have any pics?

11-04-10, 09:23 AM
Best price for oem will be on ebay.

11-04-10, 09:37 AM
I found a set of ANZOs for $360.....just waiting on a price for shipping to Canada.

11-05-10, 07:46 AM
All we have our own "best places":) I fond something on cadillac escalade accessories here:

http://www.carid.com/cadillac-escalade-accessories/ Guess, they should have some tail lights for '08 year. Actually I'm not

going to change something for my '01 wheels, but sometimes I just itching to do something crazy to my car. I know it's

Cadillac, but still:)