: How Do I get real help from cadillac - My CTS which is ill

09-17-04, 06:27 PM
Please help me, I have a 2004 CTS which has now spent 17 days in the shop for repairs this month. The dealer Cast Cadillac does not seem to know the problem and very frankly I dont think Cadillac does. I am getting a cavalier attitude from Cad. I need upper echelon intervention to get the car fixed or something.

Bruce Scheuermann (phone number removed by Admin)

gloria smith
10-28-04, 04:52 PM
Sorry Bruce, just take a number. I recieved Yugo service by GM, GM also instructed my Cadillac dealership (Rizza) not to give me a loaner for thirty-three days after my XLR died out. Read "Two Thumbs Down" at this forum.

Good Luck!