: Escalade or Camaro?

11-01-10, 03:53 PM
Well i've been searching for either a second or a new car that would save me a little more money on gas. While searching around today i found a 98 camaro z28 with 37k original miles. Its a pretty base model with grey cloth and no traction control, but its in great shape and with those miles its hard to find. They only want a little over 6k for it and the escalade will got for over 10 easily. With the extra cash i could fix up the camaro. Even though the camaro sounds great, i LOVE my escalade. I mean its an amazing car that ive invested thousands into. I just cant decide. I know this will be a little one sided, but any input might help my decision. Thanks!


11-01-10, 04:42 PM
Depends on you really.. what is your driving styles like?? Weather conditions?? For example around here we get slammed with winter storms and snow is a big thing.. so for me the escalade is great.. also lets look at this.. Escalade vs Camaro.. obviously your driving an escalade so people see luxury.. a camaro is just a camaro.. yea its sporty its a completely different class.. but if you like driving fast and looking for a sports car that might be your best option to mke you happy.. I personally decided I wanted the best of both worlds.. So i have my escalade and i have an 03 mustang.. so now i have a truck when I want to have more room or get around in the snow and all that and i also have a the mustang for when iwant to zip around.. its all on your really.. i would look into maybe finding a nice sporty car that you can just have as a secondary car.. i would keep the escalade..

11-01-10, 09:05 PM
Why even ask this question? First of all we are comparing apples and oranges here. A typical person doesnt go to a car lot looking for an escalade and come home with a camaro. This is something you gotta figure out on your own. What do you really need the vehicle for? A camaro does nothing but get you from point a to point b and allow you to impress those high school kids with your burnout as they wait to cross the street. You mentioned you were concerned about saving money on gas....then why are you looking at a 5.7L camaro when a loaded 3.8L will be found for less, then you continue to say you would use your extra money to "fix it up"??? If its low miles it should not need fixing up, which makes me assume you want to "fix it up" to get more power...which results in worse mileage. So my advice to you is, think about what you really need the vehicle for....I'll bet getting girls is high on the list. In which case an escalde will win the chicks over 10 to 1 when compared to a camaro especially if we are talking the SUV here. Or just get both like me and you can grab that other 10% of girls that arent impressed by the caddy. good luck