: 2002 Escalade - Won't run after spark plug/wires were changed???

10-31-10, 09:39 PM
I decided to get some spark plugs and wires today just because I bought my ride used a couple of years ago and I figured it was long over-do. It currently has about 143,000 miles. I put new iridium plugs in as well as new wires. Started it up and noticed it was running a little rough. Drove it down the street and it was cutting in and out pretty bad. I thought to myself, "Good Lord, it ran better than this with the old stuff." I checked on the internet and realized that I didn't check for proper gapping. I took them out, gapped them carefully, and it didn't help. So I left them in and put the old wires back on, to see if the new wires were somehow messed up. When that didn't work, I pulled out all of the new plugs and put ALL of the original stuff back, since it ran fine before I started this whole process. It started, ran very rough for 30 to 60 seconds, then cut off. I haven't been able to start it since. It cranks great, due to the new battery I put in a couple of weeks ago. But it will not fire. It doesn't sound like the fuel pump is coming on when I turn the key. I don't know if the fuel pump could've went out at the same time - that would be a huge coincidence. I switched the fuel pump relay with another relay in the fuse box, but it didn't help. I know the spark plug wires were seated all the way, the plugs were also good and snug. There's no way to possible cross the wires up. I don't see anything around the wires that I could have disconnected in error. I checked everything around that area thoroughly.

This is definitely a situation where I wish I would have just left it alone. I'm at a total loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

10-31-10, 10:40 PM
Update: Even though it's 10pm, I decided to go outside and try starting it one more time. I turned the key and it wouldn't start. So I gave it one more try and it started. It ran rough for about 5 seconds or so and then it seemed to steadily get better. I cautiously pulled out the driveway drove up the street. On the way back, I gunned it, and it ran like a scared cat. I don't get it. So, what the hell happened since 5 this afternoon when I tried starting it 20 times with no luck. We all went trick or treating around 7 and it sat for 3 hours. What could have been so miraculous to all the sudden make it run?