: GM Bluetooth Modul UHP4

10-31-10, 08:44 AM

still trying to find a sollution for the bose system without bluetooth from manufactor.

Found out that the boses / nav / radio headunit should be from delfi.
Common use within GM (at the time of our BLS SAAB was within GM).

Found out that there is a modul from GM called UHP4.
Was mentioned that this one will work within SAAB cars but has to be configurated with tech 2!

But: does anybody here knew if it will work within our cars?

Thanks for helping


10-31-10, 01:15 PM
have you tired looking on Pac Audio's website, I got an ipod unit for the non sat nav unit

11-01-10, 04:11 AM
Hello S70RMP,

took a look at PAC, however nothing listed for our BLS or alternative 9.3.



11-01-10, 04:20 PM
I have the gm-29 for my iPod connection from them, I dropped them an email and gopt a quick reply back.

11-02-10, 02:22 PM

So easy.... :banghead:

Thanks will give it a try

01-26-11, 07:53 AM
Hello Torsten,

I also have a BLS with the big infotainment system with touch screen, but without the blue tooth kit.
I have tried to find information about how to intall a blue tooth kit in the infotainment system, but with no results:(
If you have managed to find the information about how to install Blue tooth, I would be greatfull for your help!
(If you are from Sweden, you can reply in Swedish.)

01-29-11, 04:22 PM
Hello Magnus,

first of all: sorry, was a busy week :bonkers:

Well I'm from Germany so english would be perfect because I don't spee swedish, sorry.

Nevertheless, I have contacted on guy at EBAY, who sold one UHP4 and he confirmed about the rumors that it should work. However on his list, were all compatible radios are listed doesn't show our BLS.

The next thing is that if it fits it has to paired to our systembus in the car, which has do be done by a Cadillac dealership.

What I knew for sure is that the radio is / was also delivered in SAAB cars... so there must be a chance! But I knew from a friend, that everything, even a simple CD-player or changer has to paired to the system from a mechanic!

My BLS has the first inspection to be done on the 9th of February. I talked with my dealer about the auto-lock for the doors, this is possible. So I'll take the chance to talk with him about the uHP4.

I think the chance may be low that he can help, because I asked when I bought the car, about blue-tooth and he a advised a Parrot System for 400 .

I'll write after the service again.



02-09-11, 01:52 PM

today my BLS was at the first service.

As promised i asked about the UHP4.

Short one: The UHP4 will not fit into our BLS!

At the time my dealer had some BLS to sale, he made several phone calls with Cadillac and the answer was, that there is no possibility to install a bluetooth system if it wasn't installed in the factory!

He even tried SAAB because of the relation to the 9.3. He told me that even Saab has the same problems. If the bluetooth wasn't put into a 9.3 at the factory... no way.

Nevertheless he has something from Parrot, which should be work with the speakers and microphone in the car. The hard thing is to get the switches on the steering wheel working with the third party stuff.....

So I'll stop here looking for a solution with the UHP4. Maybe I'll try the Parrot Minikit with the Primavera design (http://www.parrot.com/de/produkte/plug--play-freisprechanlagen/parrot-minikit-primavera). My wife has her since a year in her NBC and she is quite happy.



03-08-11, 08:17 AM
Hello Torsten,

Thank you for the reply!

I have also given up trying to find a solution.

I bought a very easy solution, and it works great!

Superbluetooth Buddy. I can not post links, so just google it!

Everybody I talked with in my Superbluetooth Buddy, thinks that the sound quality is great!

So if you want an easy solution, try this!

Kind regards