: Anyone tried vinyl wrapping chrome grill?

10-30-10, 04:50 PM
I have an '08 escalade in Black Raven. I know Caddy made a "sport" grill that is all black that can replace the stock chrome grill. Just wondering if anyone has tried using black vinyl to wrap the chrome on the grill. I saw a video on YouTube of chrome trim being wrapped and it looks doable. I'm looking for a less expensive alternative to buying and replacing the grill, yet still getting that blacked out look. Any idea what a body shop would charge? Would matte vinyl look ok or would a more glossy vinyl to match the paint look better? I'm considering wrapping the chrome strip on the hood, too.

10-30-10, 05:06 PM
powdercoating might be a better alternative
and should still be fairly cheap too
and that way you'll get a uniform color across the grille (and you could powedercoat the mesh too)

10-31-10, 03:41 AM
I did not know that you could powder coat plastic? Interesting... ;)

10-31-10, 08:50 AM
I replaced my black sport grill with a regular chrome one. I'd sell the sport grill if anyone wants it as its just collectling dust on my garage - might be expensive to ship however.


10-31-10, 03:46 PM
now that you mention it, i'm not sure you can PC plastic either... but if you could that would be nice

11-05-10, 07:37 AM
Show some shots of your escalade. It would be much easier to help, I think.