: Auto Crash Part Markets

10-30-10, 01:24 AM
Auto crash parts are fitted on the exterior of your automobile and they are not the part any mechanical process. Hence the panels, hoods, lights, doors, handles, anything on the outer part of your automobile is auto crash part. These auto crash parts make your automobile more fancy and they are important as a safety measure for your automobile. It is useful to safeguard the passengers from severe physical harm if they meet unfortunate accident.

There are three primary markets of auto crash parts, choice is yours. These markets are:

You can approach Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). These auto parts are made from original manufacturer and are bought at local dealers. These parts are similar to what your vehicle is made of. They also provide you with warranty on the part.

Another choice is aftermarket parts (A/M). These automobile parts are not made from original manufactures. These parts are cheaper than original ones. There is a large Asian market manufacturing and selling such auto parts. You do not get any kind of warranty on aftermarket parts. These parts can affect the working of your vehicle negatively. You do not get any insurance on such parts.

The third choice is used automobile parts. It is a very economical choice if you want to replace the auto part. A good salvage dealer will also provide you warranty on the used auto parts.

It is always better to choose OEM auto parts. Still many go for aftermarket parts as a cheaper option.