: Power/MPG with Pure Gas vs. E10 blend?

Gale Hawkins
10-29-10, 05:04 PM
Do any of you with access to pure gas (nonblended) see/feel any performance differences between it and the ethanol blends?

10-29-10, 05:24 PM
Yes there is one station that sells it up here in the Capital District of NY. I tried it once, filled up the entire tank with 91 octane ethanol free gas. Almost cost me double what Sunoco Ultra 93 does with 10% ethanol. I honestly did not notice any difference, either power or gas mileage. On the other hand, the station itself did not identify which brand of gas it was selling. I spoke to the attendant, and she told me they got the gas from whoever they could get it from, so it could be from anywhere. So in retrospect, it could of been pure gas, but a very cheap brand. But nevertheless, I've never once had a complaint with Mobil 91 or Sunoco 93, I use that religiously. :)

Gale Hawkins
10-30-10, 12:54 AM
Thanks. Locally pure gas and blended gas is all the same price.