: .:: New updates to the Lade

10-28-10, 11:28 PM
Love the Weathertech!

Next month I'll be creating a slide in platform so my cargo area is one flat area when the second row of seats are folded forward. I hate the irregular areas in the floor once the second row is up and out of the way when we carry our Dobes with us. I'm not fond of our kids getting hurt.

I will post pics when I'm all done. No one carries this stuff... so I'l build it

BTW, I added an extra fastener to the mud flaps at the top to suck them into the body. These are OEM GM color matched to my body color... and they match perfect!

Oh, the kids!

Porsche the black & tan bitch is 2 yrs old. Her Uncle by birth... Ira the red boy is 8yrs old. Both are from national U.S./Canadian champions.


10-28-10, 11:31 PM
ordered the whole set from weathertech in the same color.. put them in and hated the color so i took them back.. wish they would match better, the fit was great.