: Rear Door handle Adjustment

10-27-10, 08:37 PM
Could some post the Technical Service Bulletin regarding the adjustment of the rear outside door handles on a DTS? One of my rear doors is hard to open at times and I would prefer to make my own repair, vurses go to the dealer.


Lev Blekher
11-06-10, 05:29 PM
I have found this too. What would you be adjusting, the lock or the hinges?

11-06-10, 07:10 PM
I would likely have to adjust the linkage from the handle to the latch. I guess no one works on their DTS on this forum.


11-06-10, 08:01 PM
The left rear door on my 07 DTS can act like its locked sometimes. But if I give it a second tug it opens. It doesn't happen every time, so I haven't addressed it yet. I'm still under the 4/50 warranty, maybe I should just let ther dealer do it the next time I'm in for an oil change.

11-10-10, 12:55 PM
Glad to see this post. My 2009 DTS has this same problem, drivers side rear door. It does not open on first pull and acts like the door is locked. When I try a second time and lift the handle a bit higher the door opens. I will be getting this fixed at next service interval.

LOL Rick, I do work on my DTS, why just last week I wiped out the inside windows ;-) I am biased here though because I do have a great dealer with a top notch service department; many techs have been there many years, it is a great family business. They always take the greatest care with my car. I surely can't say that for other brands I have owned and left me feeling I should have done the work myself!

11-11-10, 06:20 AM
[QUOTE=1restorick;2400940]Could some post the Technical Service Bulletin regarding the adjustment of the rear outside door handles on a DTS? One of my rear doors is hard to open at times and I would prefer to make my own repair, vurses go to the dealer.Thanks,
Hi to you all:
As of today, we are new first-time DTS owners of a 2010 'used' ''Premium-level' with 11,100k ..(.taking delivery today -was being 'detailed' & pinstriped yesterday) ...and YES !! the car has same rear left=side door situation!! sounds like an epidemic ! ....if we attempt to open it it as close to the 'end' of the handle closest to the 'end' of the door, it opens the first try ... We have 3.6 yrs remaining on original warranty (inservice 5/10) + it's CPO'd by Caddy.... we'll just live with it for a while ...not saying we''re 'smart' by doing this tho.
Also one of the chrome-tech wheels has some of the chrome 'peeling-off' and pointed that out also to the saleman ... 'what' will be done about it is another matter. The car body is in great shape (gosh i hope a fender doesn't fall-off because i just said that !) ... and in our area, close to home there isn't a selection of 'used' 'premium' levels and we didn't want to start chasing miles away to other agencies +this one had the grey interior that hubby likes. It's White Diamond tri-coat . We just realize it's not a 'new' car and it won't be without 'something' ! LOL best wishes - Showgirl

11-11-10, 08:31 AM
Showgirl: From a Sept 2009 posting here:

Re: 2006 DTS Rims Peeling
Well, I got my new wheels installed Friday after about a month and a half of corresponding with GM. Bulletin 07-03-10-015 instructs exactly how GM should deal with wheel appearance issues.

Just a couple of bullet points:

* Eligible conditions are warranted for the full term of the New Vehicle Warranty
* Any defects in the finish, balance, or structure of the wheel resulting from the improper manufacture are covered under the New Vehicle Warranty for the full time and mileage limits of that warranty. Typical covered issues that you may encounter are:
* Flaky or pitted chrome on the visible wheel surface indicating poor adhesion of the plating.
* Flaking or peeling on the backside of wheel indicating poor adhesion of the plating (they will not replace a wheel for this alone, they will only repaint backside of wheel).

It's just a matter of getting someone at GM to get the field representatives to follow their own written policy.

So if anyone else looking for help with General Motors chrome wheels peeling or blistering, I recommend going through their customer service channels, and if that fails get a hold of the executive office at General Motors (ie headquarters), that's who helped me out the most. Don't Give UP! Go to the BBB autoline arbitrator if needed, and if that doesn't work, goto small claims court.
Read more at http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-dts-forum-2006-through-2012/176239-2006-dts-rims-peeling-2.html?ktrack=kcplinkRead more at http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-dts-forum-2006-through-2012/176239-2006-dts-rims-peeling-2.html?ktrack=kcplink