: Defective Wireless Headphones

10-27-10, 05:04 PM
For those with older 2010 SRXs, I wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that GM has developed replacement wireless headphones. If you purchased your vehicle prior to 11/09, more than likely you have the older style headphones. The new headphones (pictured below) can be distinguished from the old ones in that they have earpieces that fold flat. The older headphones have a design defect which causes a loss of reception on channel 2. Channel 2 is used for all audio except DVDs. If you've only used your headphones on channel 1, you would never have noticed this, since channel 1 works fine.

If you have the old style headphones, just go to your dealer and have them order part # 20830572. Of course the replacement is free of charge, as this is considered a warranty issue. If you have a 2011 SRX, obviously you already have the newer design.

GM is only replacing headphones FOR CUSTOMERS WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. If you rarely use channel 2 on the headphones, you'd likely discover the problem AFTER your vehicle was out of warranty.


10-27-10, 05:08 PM
also, fyi - GM's headphones are all on the same basic system and there's a cheaper replacement for the OE headphones for all vehicles that use headrest or drop-down dvd players

#17802612 - contact me via PM if you're in need of replacement headphones and aren't covered under warranty