: Goodbye rear brakes...

10-27-10, 03:29 PM
So monday morning i was driving downtown to drop my girlfriend off at school. At the next stoplight my car did something very weird. I hit the gas and the car didnt move. At first I thought it was out of gear but no. So i gave it gas again and all of a sudden i heard the loud noise of metal breaking. I pulled over and looked at the rear end fearing that it was the issue. But nothing was broken. I took it to the shop and soon found out the emergency break had been activated and the breaking noise was the rear brakes shattering. Weird thing is, i didnt put the emergency break down at all. Its as if it activated on its own. I dont understand how this could of happened. I'm very aware of thigns going on in my car, and would of noticed the flashing red light for the emergency break. Has anyone else had anything like this happen?

10-27-10, 04:13 PM
You know thats really interesting.. I remember when I first bought my truck I had a similar issue.. Nothing ever broke on me but at times I would get a similar situation.. I would put the car in drive and it wouldn't move or it would move but it felt as if I had my foot on the brake also. It also occured a few times on the road. I would stop at a light and then try to take off but nothing.. Sometimes if I tapped the brake pedal a few times it would "release" but again nothing ever broke. I took it in for service at caddy but they couldnt duplicate the problem.. I want to say they replaced the master brake cyclinder or something like that.. It hasn't happened again in 3 years so maybe tht was the problem.. Did you do any kind of modding to your truck?? At the time I had used the Jet performance handheld computer thing and I feared that was my problem. So I also stopped using that as well.. Wasnt sure if maybe the computer was messed up from using it.. No one else on here ever seemed to have that problem though.. Curious to kno though if you have done any mods at all...

10-27-10, 04:20 PM
Car is stock performance wise. That same thing has happened to me a couple times, but I was always able to move a little. This time the car just stayed completely still. The other times i thought it was just the tranny slipping, but maybe it had to do with the brakes. Its just weird that the emergency break would activate on its own...

10-27-10, 04:38 PM
Do you have any kind of mods at all??

10-28-10, 07:39 PM
Wait - you were dropping off your girlfriend? You sure it wasn't that your wife sabotaged your car? j/k

Maybe this explains why my back brakes wear so quickly! They wear about twice as fast as the front brakes, and it's supposed to be the other way around. There have also been a couple of times where I was expecting the 'creep' from stop that you'll usually have from the vehicle being in drive, but sometimes..... nothing. Maybe this needs to be looked into. I'd bet that this is something that needs to be researched.