: Traded my 2007 for an 2011 RRS GT

10-27-10, 02:18 PM
After having the '07 since Feb 2006, I've retired it and took delivery of a Range Rover Sport GT. May be a dumb move, but never had one of these, and don't need the larger SUV anymore. Empty nester. Don't expect to keep the RRS longer than the warranty, since I would expect it to be too expensive to maintain without. I may be back to an Escalade if the new generation isn't too mangled 4 yrs from now.

The '07, over its life, went to the dealer about 6 times for minor software issues; nothing mechanical except for the recalls. I killed the battery a few times, but it really never let me down. Still drove great, without rattles or squeaks.

Had a few interesting [heated] conversations on this forum, and learned a lot from all of you.

Take Care!

10-27-10, 03:00 PM
Let me know how you like the RR and what color pics? Does it have anything the Escalade does not? What is the price for th RR?
Good Luck!

10-27-10, 03:41 PM
Curious of RRS's reliability. I hear its a hit or miss with Rovers.

10-27-10, 08:27 PM
I bought a Range Rover sport new and it was a total piece of shit.. sold it after 14 months...

10-27-10, 11:43 PM
The GT version is a limited run option for the HSE. 500 only to be produced for 2011. White only, with specific options. Here's the link:


I'm very wary of the reputation for problems. I've heard plenty of nightmares about quality. I've also talked with people around here that won't buy anything else. I've studied up on the lemon law for California, and will document any problems in order to meet the requirements (if necessary).

However, this thing drives very different than any GM SUV I've ever had. It seems so much smaller, yet the curb weight is supposedly 500 lbs different? 3" width diff, and 8" wheel-base diff. Also, taking some getting used to in terms of functionality.

No rear power lift-gate, no dimming side mirrors, No digital speedometer display in center console, farther reach for the Nav, no remote start. Nav screen is pointed up and is sometimes glared out.

Some good things are keyless start, locking without the FOB, auto-folding mirrors, power telescoping steering, comfortable and secure seats, very fast HDD Navigation. Fit and finish very good.

The 2011 NAV has drag touchscreen movements, qwerty keyboard, very robust voice command control, but no night view display. Also, there is a black-out button on the screen to turn it off, and one touch relights it. Great when you just don't want the glare on dark nights. Using the "British" voice for driving instructions for fun.

The back-up cam views "down" from the top of the tail-gate. The whole car can drop onto it's bumpstops with a push of a button, for easy entry. Here in snow country, it also useful to pump UP the suspension for more clearance.

Unlike the 2010 Escalade, is has rain-sense, electric windshield heat (no waiting for the car to warm up),

The high-beams are both HID (shutter), and Halogen. This allows for "Pass-to-Flash" in daylight and night, which was just no possible with the Caddy.

I didn't have BlueTooth in the '07, and it's pretty nice having my phone directory on the display. Pretty clear communications. No more on-star purchased minutes.

With all this, I'm just waiting for something rear its head... Like turning on the fog lamps, and the CD comes flying out like a frisbee.


10-28-10, 12:08 AM
I was actually on the Range Rover forum a few months ago. Was thinking of getting an 08 Supercharged... I was impressed by the speed, but the horror stories turned me off!

10-28-10, 07:39 AM
Good luck with your RR, I have had two of them (2006 & 2010) HSE, the 2006 was total crap with over 20 dealer visits in 3 years, the 2010 which is over a year old is better with only 4 dealer visits, my two 2010 Escalade's have only made two dealer visits total. My 2010 RR was about 15k more than my 2010 Escalade's, it has some things that are better and some things that are worse than the Escalade's IMO