: Is GMPP Worth it on an 07 Escalade?

10-27-10, 12:26 PM
Hey guys. Basically the thread title says it all. A friend of mine has an Escalade with the Nav and DVD in it. I'm trying to help them find out if the GMPP Major Guard extended warranty is worth it. They are looking at up to 75k mile coverage and their current warranty is running out any mile now. I'm not too familiar with Escalades at all and wasn't sure if they had a lot of stuff that is prone to breaking that an extended warranty would cover. I think it'll cost them roughly $3500 for the particular plan they are looking at. Do any of you think it is worth it or not worth it?

Thanks for your help!

10-27-10, 01:11 PM
if it has nav and dvd in it, it is worth the price and hassle of having it covered under warranty. since it is an 07, it seems like it has very low mileage/year of use. there are different options that you can purchase. They also have a payment plan that should not break the bank. get it if you want to keep the vehicle. I did!

10-27-10, 06:06 PM
The vehicle is actually in the dealer right now getting a new rear main seal that is leaking oil. Also there was a stabilitrak light on the dash that they now think is caused by a bad Body Control Module (BCM). They are replacing that today, after trying to replace some sensor, perhaps wheel speed but I forget.

I know electronics like DVD and such are expensive. How do the transmissions last on these vehicles? They won't be towing anything if that matters.

10-28-10, 10:54 PM
Sounds to me just with the short laundry list you just included, you (your friend) already know there have been issues and what you'd be saving...

10-29-10, 12:26 AM
You are correct. Thanks for the mental nudging to convince us that it would be a good idea. Going to be doing the payment plan if there is one.

10-29-10, 12:55 PM
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10-30-10, 10:20 PM
And let your friend know that powertrain (engine,trans,transfer case,hubs) are covered for 7years/100,000 miles.