View Full Version : HELP!!!! Cooling Issues, brake issue and Noise issue

10-26-10, 07:20 PM
So I have a 2000 Escalade and basically it doesn't get up to temp anymore. Normal operating temp is 210 and it runs at like 140 to 150. Sounds easy except I have replaced the thermostat 3 times. The first two I replaced it with a generic thought they were bad so I exchanged it then returned it and got an OEM thermostat, same issue. Then I did a coolant flush and got rid of all of the dexcool and put in the regular antifreeze. That didn't change anything so I replaced the two temp sensors and that didn't do anything so I figured it might be my clutch fan so I replaced that. Now I am running out of options. I don't know what else it could be, all of the parts have been OEM. The only thing really left that I know of is the water pump and radiator but I didn't think they could cause a vehicle to under cool, just over cool. I checked out my heater core and that isn't leaking either. Some input would be awesome, to help me figure out the problem. I can drive my SUV for 8 hours and it won't get to temp. Some times when I am getting on the freeway and I gun it on the on ramp it will hit 210 and then go right back down again. When I had the clutch fan out I ran the vehicle and it did go above 210 and once it got over that I shut it off. When I did that I felt the radiator hoses and they were solid, when the clutch fan is on it, it won't go above 140 or 150 and the radiator hoses are kinda soft, like it doesn't have any pressure. I do have a small coolant leak some where. I haven't been able to find out where though.

The next issue is noise, when ever it is raining out, or below 50 degrees my serpentine belt makes noise. I have replaced the tensioner, idler and belt. Then again all of them have been OEM parts. I even purchased an aftermarket belt and it still made the noise. From above I also replaced the clutch fan which is on the end of the water pump and I still have the noise. I took WD-40 and when I spray it anywhere on the serpentine belt, the noise will stop. So it makes it really hard to pin point what is making the noise. Has anyone experienced this on any of there escalades or any vehicles for that matter.

Then my brakes have been acting up. When I have to brake my pedal goes all of the way to the floor. I have replaced front brakes and rotors plus the rear brakes and drums. They looked fine but I still replaced them any way. After that I drained all of my brake fluid and replaced it then bled my brakes because my fluid looked pretty dark and that still didn't change anything. My brakes still work okay except when I need to slam on them then they don't seem to stop me as well. Do you think the brake master cylinder could cause this. I can't think of anything else. Please let me know any input. It is going to start to get cold and I want to fix this before it gets too cold out. I am really getting sick of dumping all this money into this truck when I only drive it like once or twice a month.