: What is the "default" car in each class of automobile?

10-26-10, 01:28 PM
In other words, the current production car or truck that people automatically think of in a particular category.

Entry luxury: BMW 3-series
Midsize luxury: Mercedes E-class
Full size luxury: Mercedes S-class
Top tier luxury: Bentley Continental?
Luxury roadster: Mercedes SL

If you looked up these classifications in an automotive encyclopedia, you might see these cars listed as primary examples. Despite recent years of mediocrity and mismanagement, it seems no brand can penetrate the minds of the buying public like Mercedes Benz.

I can't think of any category where the public would think of Cadillac by default, except for the Escalade under "full size luxury SUV".

10-26-10, 01:43 PM
Judging from what's shwn on TV and movies, yes, the only Cadillac that defines its segment is the Escalade. But the CTS isn't very far behind the 3-series and E-class; very smart move by Cadillac placing it as a 'tweener.

For "top tier" luxury, I would say Rolls Phantom instead of Bentley Continental, although the Bentley is pretty ubiquitous for what it is. The high-end cars don't really fall as easily into segments as mainstream and regular luxury cars; those cars are defined by themselves instead of their segments.

Also, I would probably add Lexus RX for luxury crossover; those are ubiquitous enough to define its segment.

10-26-10, 09:05 PM
Yeah, RX is definitely the benchmark for car-like luxury crossovers. Women absolutely love them for their comfort and ride height.

Its amazing how iconic the Escalade is considering it competes against the Range Rover.

10-26-10, 09:29 PM
Entry level: 3 Series
Mid level: 5 Series or E Class. Both are really respected, admired and highly desirable among the general public
Full size luxury: S Class
Top Tier: Rolls Royce Phaeton, Silver Seraph, et al (Everyone knows and respects the Roller)
Luxury roadster: SL Mercedes.