: XLR Owners let's respond to this Invitation!!!

10-26-10, 03:29 AM
The 30th Anniversary of the Corvette Homecoming
Bowling Green, KY July 14-16, 2011 (http://www.corvettehomecoming.com/)


Joe Pruitt, Event Coordinator, has taken it upon himself to include the Cadillac XLR's in next year's celebration. He already has commitments from some of the Cadillac people who were involved with the XLR to be in attendance next year, with possibly more to come. He also has a commitment from Martin Cadillac of Bowling Green to be involved.

The XLRs will be on display during the event with their own parking area. This will be the first year that the XLRs will be part of the event. It would be great to have a large number of XLRs show up for this.

Joe Pruitt is so serious about including the XLR Community that he personally made the trip to Madison, IN to meet with the Midwest Marauders XLR group and told us that in reality Friday would be dedicated to the XLR's, and we will also be included in the parade through Bowling Green--complete with police escort!! Joe wants this to be a premier event, not only for the Corvettes, but also the XLRs. Bowling Green is the birthplace of the XLR; let's make a great showing on the event!!!

The registration page (https://www.elbowspace.com/servlets/cfdC?xr4=&formts=2006-06-20%2017:21:26.781001) is updated with the XLR "Display only" option at $25 now. Register and book your hotel rooms now, this event is always sold out early!

The Midwest Marauders XLR group is working with Joe to try to spread the word that all XLR owners have a formal invitation to this "invitation only" event. Bookmark/subscribe to this thread, I will provide more information as it becomes available.

11-08-10, 11:57 PM
Registrations are filling up as well as the hotels. There are several hotels in the area offering special rates for the Homecoming. As far as I know there are already over 20 confirmed XLRs coming and several other forums will be making announcements to spread the word. Early registrants also get perks for events and vendors so don't wait too long. Hope to see everyone there.