: Temperature Rise...

10-25-10, 08:23 PM

I have a 2000 STS and the temp rises from time to time. It has never went over the first notch after half, but it has gone up to it before coming back down. I don't have any coolant leaks and she runs like a charm. I've replaced the thermostat and it still rises. Could this be the water pump belt or tensioner? Maybe it could be the pump itself, I'm not sure. When it rises, both fans kick in as designed to do. It worries me a lil' but it hasn't ran hot, Any suggestions?????


10-25-10, 08:34 PM
You may have more success posting in the Seville Forum. This area is for the 2005 & up.

How many miles? What climate? Does it occur after hard acceleration?

10-25-10, 08:46 PM
O.K. Thanks...

10-25-10, 09:00 PM
i wouldn't worry if it's only going to that first notch - but it could be a sign of a problem about to happen... get that post up in either the eldo/seville forum or the northstar forum and you'll probably get better responses (as EChas3 said)

10-29-10, 07:26 AM
maybe there's some trapped air in the cooling system! That could be the reason why the temp raises.

11-10-10, 09:45 PM
Same thing happened on my 97' seville when i bought it, It wouldnt use coolant really it just started to get worse and worse: bad headgaskets, over pressurized the system and finally i put a new motor in it. Months down the road same issue, found out happily it was a bad radiator. Several things could be wrong, one thing to think about is oil molecules absorb condensation and water. If it was me I would bring it in and have a exhaust analyzer check out the readings. As Spyke said you could have air in the cooling system, take the cap off and let it idle for 15min then put it back on, Could also be the coolant resevoir cap not letting pressure out of the system. Hope this helps