View Full Version : FE2 suspension question

09-16-04, 11:47 PM
Took the Caddy to the strip, to see how fleet the 'Wood is.How's 15.9@87mph grab ya!?! that's completely stock right down to the all season whitewalls!! i'll post the burnout pics when i can get them small enough.My airshocks have finally given it up.I like the way it sits with them deflated, but ramps & speed bumps have now become major obstacles. My question is, did the fe2 use air, or are the springs enough to hold the car alone.I am trying for close to the original ride height, without being too firm. I dig the cadillac float. the springs can't be too soft either, as i do tend to carry alot of crap around with me. does anyone know if regular caprice or buick springs would work? maybe caprice wagon springs? any help is appreciated, as i'll be doing this in the next week or so, i need to make a decision.