: 4 Volume GM Escalade Shop Manuals

Gale Hawkins
10-25-10, 11:42 AM

Not sure how many of you repair your own vehicles or may just want know a little before you take it to the shop but I have these for every vehicle we drive. I do not always do the job but at least it helps me understand labor charges, etc. Sometimes I have other normal replaceable items replaced at the same time and make sure they do not charge for installing the new part when they are paid for the remove and reinstall of the same part in the inital job. If they are buying the parts they are making extra there anyway.

Do a search from time to time for your year and you may fine a better price than these buy it now. A couple weaks ago I picked up a new like set of four for our 'new' 2003 for $80 shipped to the office. I have factory manuals from Ford, Nissan and GM so I assume they can be had for any brand.