View Full Version : Stock intake minus the resonators, interest?

10-24-10, 05:03 PM
I recently installed a volant intake with my stock airbox, and I got just what I wanted out of it. Noticable increase in throttle response, more sound when accelerating aggressively, and smoother shifts with less engine effort from a stop when driving normally. It really smoothed things out when driving moderately and may have even quieted the truck down at lower rpm's.

Overall this is an excellent upgrade for anyone that can tolerate the extra noise at wot. My only issues were justifying the cost, and the fact that I was putting an aftermarket part on my vehicle (though I know most on this site have no problem with that.)

I was looking at my stock intake tube and thinking of making an exact replica minus the resonators. I have suspicion that it may flow about as well as the aftermarket options, with the benefit of the extra sound , while maintaining the stock appearance. The largest benefit of all would be a dramatically lower price.

Would anyone be interested in something like this if I had some of these made? If not at least I have found something to occupy my thoughts on this lazy sunday afternoon :).