: Quick question on led lights

10-24-10, 09:28 AM
My 2009 caddy needs a change...so im going to get led's put in...do i already have them in rear? And what am i looking for when i purchase them...i guess the do's and dont's of buying leds for front end, and were is best place to buy them?

Big Windy Ext
10-24-10, 09:52 AM
Use the search and find Matchin Toys write up , it will get you most or all the info you will need . The EXT doesn't come with led tail lights but 07 and up Escalades come factory equipped with led lights .

10-24-10, 11:51 AM
Stay away from cheap deals on eBay, you get what you pay for...they will work for short period of time, I purchased from the V-LEDs website as per a recommendation from this forum and have been pleased with the quality.

10-25-10, 08:27 PM
i hve read matchin toys write up but doesnt really say were to get , what to look for..unless i missed it..i love what he has done and thats why im gonna try to do it..

10-25-10, 08:47 PM
this sound right for car?

LED Strip Lights - The latest in LED lighting products that are VERY FLEXIBLE. Designed for indoor or outdoor, 12V DC, can bend to any angle, and place inside of water. They have adhesive backing with 3M compund that will stick to a very clean and smooth surface. LED strips are designed for your vehicle or your home. Use LED strip lighting products to accent anything you want.

Big Windy Ext
10-26-10, 07:18 AM
He has links on all his lights , some are sold out but are there. Google V-LED and use the Sylvania lamp guide , that will get you what your lookin' for .