: Cts/cts-v meets in southern california!!!

10-23-10, 10:24 PM
Has there been any?
Or people want to start one?

10-24-10, 04:34 AM
I go to meets/cruises with Motorgen. John usually shows up with his CTV with a maggie. Sometimes I meet a CTS-V owner at the Donut Shop in Huntington Beach. Every once in a while Cars and Coffee in Irvine have themes. Cadillac was the theme once and I took my car and we had several V's there. I don't know of any CTS exclusive meets in Southern California.

I posted some of the meets here:

This is a car show next month.


11-15-10, 01:15 AM
thanks for info.
lets see when we can have a lil get toghter with the cts

09-15-12, 02:41 PM
I have a stock 2005 cts v and want to meet with others. I want to start upgrading my v but need to now what places are good to do them at. Im in los angeles. Any other v owners in the area that would like to have a meet? Lets make it a big meet!