: Auto zone and bad battery

10-22-10, 08:29 PM
This is how the story goes: Last Tuesday morning I go to start my car(05 V6) and it sounded sluggish starter turned over longer than usual before the engine fired up, normally fres up right away, everything looks and sounds normal, drove to local drug store and while my wife is inside I listen to cd player in acc mode. Wife is taking too long(!0-15mins) so I go inside to check and when we come back out hit the start button no start no nothing! I get a jump start and it fires up right away. Go Home and park until the next morning when I check to see if it will start and it starts but sluggish. Later that afternoon it won't start and it needs another jump. I do some online battery shopping and based on price and availibility I decide to go to auto zone.
Chapter 2: I purchase the battery($134.00-Group 101-same specs as OEM) After a quick check of the charging system they replace the battery and when I go to start it...NADA!! NOTHING. No DIC No light on the start button No gauges only thing that lights up is the engine icon. But Acc mode works interior lights are on radio and nav works just no start!!!
chapter 3: So I have it towed to the dealer who isolates the trouble to a blown fuse. Costs $131.00 to replace. Electrical system checks out fine no other problems and the car starts fine. I called Auto Zone and talk to store manager about the situation and end up having a running discussion over 3 days about defraying the cost of replacing the fuse(towing was free). It wasn't covered by my extended warranty because the warranty company considered a fuse to be a maintenance issue. Lo and behold! the manager calls me back yesterday and they are going to reimburse me the full cost of repair. So tomorrow I will go to the store and see just exactly what they they are going to do.
to be continued......

10-22-10, 08:54 PM
I just had the OEM battery go dead in our '07 STS. I put it a trickle charger on it an got it started so drove directly to the selling dealer. It took about 2 hours since they had to put it through a charge/discharge cycle, but they replaced the battery, did a 30-point chek and a free car wash all for no charge. Of cours, our car is still under the original bumper-to-bumper warranty, but I thought the battery might be a pro-rata replacement.
Anyway, kudos to Boimmarito Cadillac in St. Peters, MO!
Webster Groves, MO

10-22-10, 10:14 PM
yeah, GM requires all warranty payments for batteries be accompanied with a test from a special machine that they sell to dealers that is supposedly more comprehensive than most battery testers. It prints out a ticket, like a receipt and there's a code on there that GM wants to see in the warranty claim to prove that you tested the battery and that it was indeed in need of replacement.

Stinks that you have to wait the two hours though.

10-23-10, 11:28 AM

I don't know prospyder's 'in service date' but it could be as old as October 2006 if it's still under warranty. Cadillac honored full battery replacement of a battery that most manufacturers would claim was more than half-worn-out.

10-23-10, 06:53 PM
Chapter 4: Auto Zone came through and reimbursed me the full cost of the repair(132.00) to replace the blown fuse. End of line.